A PhD degree in chemistry is your entry into the world of professional molecular problem solving. As a professional chemist or biochemist you will be expected to solve real world problems and have the opportunity to work on major societal issues, many of which are blur disciplinary lines. Lehigh Chemistry provides an approach to graduate education that trains students to be successful independent scientists in an increasingly interdisciplinary scientific world. Graduate students in the Department of Chemistry are engaged in research that ranges from exploring fundamental chemistry and biochemistry, to solving mission-based problems that are increasingly complex and transdisciplinary.

Why choose Lehigh for graduate school?

Graduate students in Chemistry work closely with faculty to carry out cutting-edge research that advances current understanding and knowledge in a broad spectrum of chemical problems. In this program, you will learn to use molecular-level problem solving to advance your field, contribute to the scientific literature, and develop skills to tackle complex challenges with many moving parts.

Lehigh Chemistry offers:

  • Interdisciplinary research projects
  • Small faculty-to-student ratio
  • Financial support: tuition, and health care benefits through teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and fellowships to all students in good standing
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation facilities

What do Lehigh Chemistry PhDs do after graduate school?

After graduation, many of our students go on to do postdoctoral work at prestigious universities and institutes or take jobs in industry performing research or other work. Alumni have gone on to work in a broad range of positions at the following institutions: