Keith J. Schray

Professor Emeritus
Seeley G. Mudd, Room 595
Research Interests: 
non-isotopic immunoassays
particle and linker chemistries
instrumentation development
Teaching Interests: 
organic chemistry
enzyme mechanisms
clinical chemistry
introductory chemistry
effects of workshop chemistry lead by in-class peer leaders in introductory organic
attitudes toward chemistry by high school students

Clinical chemistry focused on immunoassay development, both new strategies and application to new analytes or analytes at lower detection levels; applications to oral fluids, drugs of abuse; high sensitivity glutathione assays.

Selected Publications:

“Are In-Class Peer Leaders Effective in the Peer Led Team Learning Approach” K.J. Schray, R.J. Egolf, M.J. Russo, D. Gelormo, Journal of College Science Teaching, 38, 62-67 (2009).

"In Vitro Studies of the Effects of HAART Drugs and Excipients on Activity of Digestive Enzymes", T.M. Wignot, R.P.Stewart, K.J.Schray, S. Das, and T. Sipos, Parmaceutical Research, 21, 420-427 (2004).

Press Release describing the above results for the Fourth International Lipodystrophy Conference, 2002

"A Comparative Use of In-class Peer Leaders in Organic Chemistry", K.J.Schray, W.J.Lademan, R.J.Egolf, M.J.Russo, D. Gelormo. Abstract. 18 th BCCE, July 20, 2004.

"Retroviral-like Sequences Specifically Expressed in the Rat Ovary Detect Genetic Differences between Normal and Transformed Rat Ovvarian Surface Epithelial Cells", A.K.Godwin, P.D.Miller, L.A.Getts, K. Jackson, G. Sonoda, K.J. Schray, J.R. Testa, T.C. Hamilton, Endocrinology 136,4640-4649 (1995).

"An Enzymatic Cycling Procedure for B-NADP+ Generated by 3"-Phosphodiesterase, 2":3"-Cyclic Nucleotide" R. L. Stephon, R.S. Niedbala, K. J. Schray, and N. D.Heindel, Anal. Biochem. 202,6-9 (1992).

"Misanidazole Conjugates of the Colorectal Tumor-Associated Monoclonal Antibody 17-1A" D. B. Pierce, N. D. Heindel, K.J.Schray, M. M. Jetter, J. G. Emrich, and D. Woo, Bioconjugate Chemistry, 1, 314-318 (1990).