James Roberts

Associate Chairman
Associate Professor
Advisor to Undergraduate Chemistry Majors
(610) 758-4841
Seeley G. Mudd, Room 596
Research Interests: 
Solid-state NMR spectroscopy
Solution-state NMR spectroscopy
Analytical methods
Teaching Interests: 
Analytical chemistry
Instrumental methods
General chemistry

I consult with a variety of research groups on all types of instrumental methods that are utilized to solve chemical problems. While I specialize in NMR spectroscopy, I am fundamentally a problem solver, and I frequently suggest different techniques if they are appropriate. I am also a resource for safety in the laboratory.

Selected Publications:

"Charge Neutralization in the ESEM for Quantitative X-ray Microanalysis," Robert A. Carlton, Charles E. Lyman, and James E. Roberts, (2004) Microscopy and Microanalysis, 10, 753-763.

"A Miniemulsion Approach to the Incorporation if Vinyltriethoxysilane into Acrylate Latexes," Joan Marcu, Eric S. Daniels, Victoria L. Dimonie, James E. Roberts, and Mohamed S. El-Aasser, (2003) Progr. Colloid Polym. Sci., 124, 31-36.

"V2O5-SiO2 Xerogels for Methane oxidation to Oxygenates: Preparation, Characterization, and Catalytic Properties," Chuan-Bao Wang, Richard G. Herman, Chunlei Shi, Qun Sun, and James E. Roberts (2003) Applied Catalysis A: General, 247, 321-33.

"Incorporation of Alkoxysilanes into Model Latex Systems: Vinyl Copolymerization of Vinyltriethoxysilane and n-Butyl Acrylate," Ioan Marcu, Eric S. Daniels, Victoria L. Dimonie, Cornel Hagiopol, James E. Roberts, and Mohamed S. El-Aasser, (2003) Macromolecules , 36 , 328-332.

"Influence of Charge Density and Coverage on Bound Fraction for a Weakly Cationic Polyelectrolyte Adsorbing onto Silica," YongWoo Shin, James E. Roberts, and Maria Santore, (2002) Macromolecules , 35 , 4090-4095.

"The Relationship between Polymer/Substrate Charge Density and Charge Overcompensation by Adsorbed Polyelectrolyte Layers," YongWoo Shin, James E. Roberts, and Maria M. Santore, (2002) Journal of Colloid and Interface Science , 247 , 220-230.

"Toward and Understanding of the Role of Water Soluble Oligomers in the Emulsion Polymerization of Styrene-Butadiene-Acrylic Acid. Mechanisms of Water-Soluble Oligomer Formation," Xue-yi Yuan, Victoria L. Dimonie, E. David Sudol, James E. Roberts, and Mohamed S. El-Aasser, (2002) Macromolecules , 35 , 8356-8370.

"Synthesis and Characterization of [NaO 3 -CH 2 CH 2 -OSO 3 Na] and its Anchored Form, the Surface-Grafted Acid Groups on Zirconium Hydroxide," J. G. C. Shen, T. H. Kalantar, R. G. Herman, J. E. Roberts, and K. Klier, (2001), Chem. of Mat. , 13 , 4479-4485.

"The Influence of Charge Variation on the Adsorbed Configuration of a Model Cationic Oligomer onto Colloidal Silica," Y. Shin, J. E. Roberts, and M. M. Santore, (2001), J. Coll. and Int. Sci. , 244 , 190-199.