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10:10am - 10:30am: Intro to Lehigh Chemistry Department from the Graduate Admissions Director Dr. Xiaoji Xu


10:30am - 11:45am: Virtual Poster Session (please use the breakout rooms to visit the Professors you are interested in meeting. Their research is listed below)

  • Presentations from:

    • 10:30am-10:45am - Professor Fredin or Professor Glover

    • 10:45am-11:00am - Professor Thevenin or Professor Young

    • 11:00am-11:15am - Professor Ferguson or Professor Im

    • 11:15am-11:30am - Professor Professor Fisher or Professor Landskron

    • 11:30am-11:45am - Professor Wittenberg or Professor Xu

  • During any presentation, the following rooms are available:
    • Talk with current graduate students Korka, Jonathan, Enzo, Nancy or Amir to ask questions about the program or about life as a Graduate Student!
    • Watch Director of Instrumentation video with Dr. Wendy Bryer


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  • Closing remarks with Graduate Admissions Director Dr. Xiaoji Xu, and receive registration link for your fee waiver code!


Open House Meetings


Grad Student Zoom Chat

Korka, Jonathan, Enzo, Nancy and Amir are available to answer your questions about the program and life as a grad student.


Please click on the link below to see a short video with Dr. Breyer featuring various instruments

The Ferguson Lab

The Ferguson Lab does interdisciplinary research focused on the surface and nanomaterials chemistry of metals, semiconductors and polymers.

The Fisher Lab

The Fisher Lab conducts structural and functional investigations into the biochemistry of bacterial signal transduction and copper homeostasis.

The Flowers Lab

The Flowers Lab investigates the mechanism of coordination-induced bond weakening to enable the reduction of substrates through proton coupled-electron transfer (PCET).

The Fredin Lab

The Fredin Lab develops computational models of the photophysics, catalysis, and electrochemistry of a broad range of disordered materials.

The Glover Lab

The Glover Lab focuses on taking biophysical approaches to understand membrane protein structure and function.

The Im Lab

The Im lab is interested in modeling and simulations of membranes and proteins, glycoconjugates, protein-ligand (drug) interactions, polymers, and nanomaterials.

The King Lab

The King Lab is interested in resolving the fundamental physics involved in biochemical processes using advanced single-molecule spectroscopy and super-resolution microscopy tools.

The Landskron Lab

The Landskron Lab is a materials chemistry research group with a focus on materials for energy and environmental applications.

The Thévenin Lab

The Thévenin Lab’s research lies at the interface of biochemistry, biophysics, and cell biology with a focus on tumor-selective drug delivery and membrane protein cell signaling.

The Vicic Lab

The Vicic Lab seeks to understand the fundamentals of metal-catalyzed reactions so that new methods can be developed for industrially and medicinally important processes.

The Wittenberg Lab

The Wittenberg Lab studies the properties and interactions of lipid membranes using microscopy and biosensors.

The Xu Lab

The Xu Lab develops instrumentation based on scanning probe microscopy to tackle research challenges in physical and analytical chemistry.

The Young Lab

The Young lab uses spectroscopy to study materials and molecules that absorb light and use that energy to carry out interesting reactions relevant to energy conversion.