Professor Jared Paul of Villanova University

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 - 10:45am

"Ruthenium complexes containing hydroxy substitutions in the polypyridyl ligand framework"

Altering the electron properties of metal complexes through the ligand architecture holds a promising way to tune and develop new catalysts. We are particularly interested in studying ligands with multiple protonation states and how these different states alter the metal complex properties. Specifically, we have developed number complexes that have hydroxyl groups oriented in different positions around the polypyridyl framework of a series of bipyridine and terpyridine complexes. Utilizing UV/visible spectroscopy, electrochemistry, and computational methods, we will discuss how the varying positions, as well as quantity of hydroxyl groups within the polypyridyl ligands impact the electronic properties of the complex under different protonation states.