Professor Abraham Nitzen of the University of Pennsylvania

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 - 10:45am
Neville 3 and

"Molecules in nano-conduction-junctions and optical cavities: Electron transfer and transmission, Polaritons, vibrational strong coupling and collective response"

Transport phenomena involving molecules confined within dielectric or metallic nanostructures involve coupling and energy conversion processes between charge carriers, phonons and photons. From both their scientific aspect and technological potential studies of such phenomena stand at the interface of two important fields: molecular electronics and molecular plasmonics. In this talk I will describe our work on such processes, focusing on phenomena that involve interaction with the radiation field, along several main issues: (a) Transport and spectroscopy in illuminated molecular junctions. (b) Molecular optical response when interacting with confined radiation fields (optical cavities). (c) Molecular electron transfer in optical cavities. (d) Cavity induced vibrational strong coupling and its implications on chemical reactivity.