POSTPONED Professor Justin Caram of the University of California, Los Angeles

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 - 10:45am
Neville 3 and

"Chemical physics informed design of chromophores for shortwave infrared imaging and quantum measurement"

The near and shortwave infrared spectral window provides fantastic contrast in complex environments, through skin, tissue, fog and foliage. However, there are few organic chromophores which absorb and emit in this window, and those that do have very low quantum yields. To systematically improve chromophores in the SWIR we turn to fundamental chemical physics, designing more efficient radiative emission, or designing out non-radiative loss pathways. These insights have led us to leverage new insight into chromophore self-assembly and J-aggregate design principles to make infrared emissive materials. A separate problem is the chemical design of chromophores which can be prepared into specific quantum states, sensitive to local electromagnetic fields. We will discuss our efforts to create highly isolated electronic transitions which can be used for quantum enhanced measurement in solution.