Graduate Student Teng Xue

Thursday, April 28, 2022 - 10:45am
Neville 3

"Simple Access to A Family of Perfluoroalkyl Complexes of Cobalt"

The interest in fluoroalkylation chemistry has created a need for better synthetic methodologies with first row metals, particularly for nickel and cobalt due to their low cost and high natural abundance. While routes to perfluoroalkyl nickel complexes have been well-developed, the preparation of related cobalt catalysts remains challenging and limited. To fill a void in this knowledge, herein we report simple synthetic routes to generate a family of perfluoroalkylated cobalt complexes ([Co-Rf], Rf = CF3, C2F5, C3F7, C4F8).1-3 Moreover, a family of [Co(C4F8)] derivatives have been synthesized and fully characterized for the first time. Access to these complexes provides a foundation to explore less expensive and more diverse approaches to potential fluoroalkylation reactions.

Xue, T.; Shreiber, S. T.; Vicic, D. A. “Synthesis, Characterization, and Solution Behavior of Solvated Perfluoroethyl and n-Perfluoropropyl Cobalt(III) Complexes” 2022, Manuscript in preparation.
Xue, T.; Cramer, R. E.; Vicic, D. A. “Access to Perfluorometallacyclopentane Complexes of Cobalt through the [(MeCN)4Co(C4F8)][PF6] Precursor” Organometallics 2021, 40,3585-3590.
Xue, T.; Vicic, D. A. “Routes to Acetonitrile-Supported Trifluoromethyl and Perfluorometallacyclopentane Complexes of Cobalt” Organometallics 2020, 39, 3175-3720.