Dr. Ruth Schlitz of Saint-Gobain SageGlass

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 10:45am
STEPS, Room 290

Dr. Ruth Schlitz of Saint-Gobain SageGlass will present: 

“Adventures in Manufacturing: A Career in Dynamic Glazing”

Smart windows that tint on demand act as a thermostat for sunlight, improving occupant comfort and reducing energy use in buildings. After extensive laboratory characterization in the 1980’s, the first architectural electrochromic products are only now entering the commercial market at scale. Why did it take 40 years to move from “well-characterized” in the laboratory to full-scale manufacturing? We will explore some of the materials science challenges in the dynamic glazing industry, highlighting ways in which the transition from lab to fab creates opportunities for innovative science… and what the actual work of those scientists is like in industry once a technology has transitioned from proof of concept to full-scale manufacturing.